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Who We Are and What We Do

First established in 1937 as a home bakery, this local landmark

has been delivering the finest produce to local people for over 75 years.
Paul and Patricia Getty have carefully grown their business since taking over in 1990 and have

firmly established the Heatherlea as ‘Bangor’s Bakery’.

The Heatherlea experience is now not limited to those who live in and visit Bangor.

In 1999 due to popular demand, the Heatherlea started supplying bread to its first independent retailer.

Over the next decade the Heatherlea grew a small customer base of independent retailers who are

as passionate about the Heatherlea products as Paul and Patricia themselves.
This growth has gathered pace.


The Heatherlea has expanded its wholesale service developing new and lasting partnerships with independent retailers across the province and are excited to be part of such a vibrant community of independent retailers with customers who are passionate about shopping local.

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Bakery Opening hours

                    Main Street             Ballyholme,Groomsport Road

Bangor                                Bangor

Mon: 9.00am - 4:15pm      Mon: 8.30am - 3:30pm

Tue: 9.00am - 4:15pm         Tue: 8.30am - 3:30pm

Wed: 9.00am - 4:15pm     Wed: 8.30am - 3:30pm

Thu: 9.00am - 4:15pm       Thu: 8.30am - 3:30pm

Fri: 9.00am - 4:15pm          Fri: 8.30am - 3:30pm

Sat:9.00am - 4:15pm         Sat: 8.30am - 3:30pm

Fresh Bread Rolls

"Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast"

Oscar Wilde

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